Trabocco Kitchen and Cocktails | Alameda, California

The final design for Trabocco was the result of a close collaboration with both the owner, Jamestown LC, and the operators, Giuseppe and Christine Naccarelli. At the beginning there was a working name and a pretty broad set of inspirational images, including traditional rural Italian architecture, well-known touchstones of Italian design such as scooters and sports cars, and the landscape of Giuseppe’s home in Abruzzo, Italy. One of the unique features of the region are the Trabocci, or “fishing machines” that punctuate the coast and are unique to that area. Most are quite antiquated now and are not used regularly by the local fisherman, but they capture the spirit of the region and offer a unique architectural imagery. Midway through the design process it was decided to name the restaurant Trabocco and this helped to refine the design and gave a sharper focus to the final materials, colors, and art work. The final design reflects the Trobocci, as well as the Alameda locale of the restaurant and the personalities of the operators – enthusiastic, warm, and beautiful.