Rosenak Residence | Stinson Beach, California

This 2-story 2 bedroom 1 bath house replaced a small one story two-bedroom beach cottage that burned to the ground in a fire. Due to the small lot size, limited budget, FEMA flood protection criteria, and requirement for a raised septic system the house was conceived as a simple raised box. The front stair and bridge were designed to define an off-street parking space and establish the boundary of the property at the edge of the street. The stair was located at the property line and the bridge was conceived as a metaphorical "gang plank" to emphasize the ocean-side setting of the house. As a response to the environmental conditions at Stinson Beach, where the weather is often foggy and windy, and the temperature very modest even during the summer, the enclosure of the house was treated as a protective shell, akin to a hermit crab that coopts a shell for protection from predators. The kitchen, dining room and living room were located upstairs and a strategically placed large corner window maximizes views form the house to the beach.