1620 Scott Steet Napa Valley Modern Home | St.Helena, California

Over the last few decades, Napa valley and its wine industry have experienced rapid transition from a little known wine-producing region to a world renowned destination. Not surprisingly, this fame and growth have in some respects strained its character. Faux French chateaus and Italianate castles have sprung up, and some use the term “Disneyland” to describe the development. But in Napa Valley, like other agricultural regions with long and rich histories, local traditions remain strongly rooted, and residents fiercely protect its honesty and authenticity.

The Scott Street house reflects its Napa Valley surroundings, not some far-away place. And although it looks forward, not back at the distant past, it uses an authentic and current idiom to capture the spirit of the Napa Valley experience. The house follows important historical patterns of development in town, but reinterprets them in a modern way. It respects the street and presents a friendly and open posture, but also provides a strong connection between the inside and outside with private outdoor living spaces that fully take advantage of the benign climate. It provides the opportunity to entertain and to enrich the daily experience with well-prepared food and wine. The home respects the past, honors the present, and provides space to ponder the future.