The Paseo collection was designed to provide seating for a pedestrian street in a large outdoor retail center. The collection includes 5 bench types, 3 planter types, and a trash and recycling center. The collection was designed to provide a coordinated group of outdoor street furniture that was modern, durable, and moderately priced and could be used in a variety of settings throughout the development. The planters supplement the bench groupings and can be used to moderate the level of privacy and define circulation patterns for unique public areas.

The benches are made from Alaskan Yellow Cedar, a species known for clarity in its grain and durability over time as it weathers. The collection contains benches of varying sizes, shapes, and back and backless designs.

The planters and recycling center are made from reclaimed Western Red Cedar. The collection contains 3 sizes of planters - a square, a small rectangle, and a large rectangle. The planters were also designed with two heights. The taller planters can be used to increase screening where desired. The planters have an internal waterproof liner and are constructed with a unique corner detail to allow for the wood to expand and contract throughout the wet and dry seasons of the year.

The Recycling Center accommodates trash, compost and recycling and is constructed similarly to the planters. It has a removable stainless steel top.