Delica | San Francisco, California

Delica is the flagship store of a Japanese food retail giant in Japan called RF-1. The store was one of the first to open in the newly inaugurated Ferry Building Market after extensive renovations were completed in 2003. RF-1 wanted to open the venue as a combination test kitchen and retail outlet. The store has a full prep kitchen and production capabilities to develop new menu items for retail sales at the store as well as to import back to their outlets in Japan. One hallmark of the RF-1 culture is employing the highest level of food science and safety in their production, distribution, and sales. At the same time the company has established many close relationships with small sustainable producers in the agricultural sector and has a commitment to good stewardship of the environment and sanely and sustainably produced ingredients. The design of the store reflects the brand identity of RF-1 by using materials that are organic contrasted against man-made materials.

Principal in Charge, Lev Weisbach with CCS